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9 thoughts on “ Emptiness

  1. Has your girlfriend left you? Your boss fired you and your dog run away from home? Then you're probably feeling a state of emptiness, a condition of meaninglessness or futility. Cheer up, you could try writing a country music song.
  2. May 15,  · Emptiness, also called Nothingness, or Void, in mysticism and religion, a state of “pure consciousness” in which the mind has been emptied of all particular objects and images; also, the undifferentiated reality (a world without distinctions and multiplicity) or quality of reality that the emptied mind reflects or manifests.
  3. Emptiness And I'm so lonely yeah There's a better place than this Emptiness, yeah! Submit Corrections. Thanks to Aditya More, Shamna, Gagan illusion, Abhimanyu, Saurabh Sharma for correcting these lyrics. The original story behind the song is very touching. Rohan Rathore, an IIT student, loved a girl who didn't loved him back.
  4. For many Christians in America, becoming filled with Christ first requires being empty of themselves—a quality often overlooked in religious histories. In Emptiness, John Corrigan highlights for the first time the various ways that American Christianity has systematically promoted the cultivation .
  5. ‘Emptiness washed over me from time to time, immersion in work only masked my inner sadness.’ ‘Even the beautiful Angelica cannot take his mind away from this emptiness.’ ‘These stories, ranging in length from a few pages to a paragraph to a sentence, convey a sense of emptiness.’.
  6. “Emptiness” is a cornerstone of Buddhist philosophy and yet the term itself is not the easiest to grasp and understand, especially when approaching Buddhism for the first time. The doctrine of emptiness is common to all Buddhist traditions and it is emphasised that an insight into the state of emptiness allows access to a wider realisation Author: Alastair Gornall.
  7. A feeling of emptiness, as if I had cut an artery in my wrist and all the blood had drained out —Aharon Megged Flat and empty as the palm of his hand —Helen Hudson In Hudson’s novel, Criminal Trespass, the comparison’s frame of reference is a flat and empty field. (The street below was) hollow as a bone —Peter Matthiessen.
  8. Emptiness (Skt. śūnyatā; Tib. སྟོང་པོ་ཉིད་, tongpa nyi; Wyl. stong pa nyid) — the absence of inherent existence in all phenomena, which was explained by the Buddha in the sutras of the second turning of the Wheel of Dharma, and further elaborated upon by masters such as Nagarjuna and Chandrakirti. emptiness (shunyata, kongxing, tong pa nyi): Lack of inherent.
  9. Emptiness definition, containing nothing; having none of the usual or appropriate contents: an empty bottle. See more.

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